TM 5-3805-258-24-2 DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ENGINE DELCO  REMY  ALTERNATOR  TESTING Tools  Needed: Multimeter FIELD COIL TESTS 1.   To  check  for  grounds,  connect  a  test  lamp, or an ohmmeter, to one field coil lead and to the end frame as shown. If the lamp lights or if  the  ohmmeter  reading  is  low  (less  than 10K), the field coil is grounded. 2.  To  check  for  opens,  connect  a  test  lamp,  or an ohmmeter to the field coil leads as shown. If the lamp fails to light, or if the ohmmeter reading  is  high  (infinite),  the  field  coil  is open. 3.   The  windings  can  be  checked  for  shorted circuits by connecting a battery and ammeter in  series  with  the  field  coil.  The  specified field  current  is  2.5  to  2.9A  at  80°F.  An ammeter  reading  above  the  specified  value indicates  shorted  windings. DIODE  TESTS 1.  Check  each  of  the  six  diodes  by  removing each  diode  lead  from  the  stud  and  connecting an   ohmmeter   (set   at   lowest   range)   to   the diode  lead  and  case.  Reverse  thr  ohmmeter leads  to  the  diode  lead  and  case. 2. 5-12n If   both   readings   are   the   same,   replace   the regulator   assembly.   A   good   diode   will   have one  high  and  one  low  reading.


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